Boomer Sheds can custom design and build for your needs

Barns and Sheds Custom Designed and Built For Your Needs.


At Boomer sheds we know that shed have a special place in the lives and hearts of Australians, it’s not just there for storage and a place to put new blades on the lawnmower.


A shed can be a sanctuary, somewhere to reflect on life and solve its problems either in quiet solitude or with the help of a few less quiet mates,


A shed holds some of our most precious possessions that would never be allowed in the house more often than not an old fridge that may look like it belongs in a scrap yard but keeps beers colder than any shiny stainless steel modern job.


A shed can be one of the greatest classrooms where you can impart your knowledge carpentry or mechanics and lie in general onto the kids thus creating another generation of shed dwelling creators, repairers and philosophers.


With these things in mind to and a passionate desire to encourage the continuation of shed culture Boomer Sheds will cater for your every need with an extensive range of individually designed Australian made sheds with a strong focus on providing a quality product at a quality price.


Every Shed is individually designed to suit each client’s specific requirements, these barns and sheds can be provided as a ‘do it yourself’ kit or fully assembled for you.
Each of our barns and sheds are of the highest quality and built tough to handle Australia’s harsh conditions.

We understand how important your shed is. We have the perfect shed or barn for you whether for residential, commercial or industrial use